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Anger Management

Music Therapy

Music is famous everywhere. It expresses feelings, expressions of all types. Whether it’s in the form of instruments, writing songs, or relaxing to a melody, it has a way of communication. We use the ways of self-expression, self-reflection, and self-understanding to better understand an individual’s Addiction journey and an individual’s recovery to sobriety. How is Music Therapy Used at Rehab center Peshawar?

Recovery Music

We offer everyone to find the inspiring recovery music by providing outlets for example Karaoke and YouTube for music introduction. We use recovery music as a way to do a lyric analysis and opening up on how these songs have impacted our own recovery and life.

Writing Songs

According to addiction research Journaling and writing has a great effect on recovery. We allow people to write their own songs about recovery. We use music therapy research to support individuals on the construction, the writing, and the establishment of song lyric writing. We understand that everyone experiences addiction differently.

we also provide the onsite instruments, in case of words, aren’t enough.


Addiction recovery may be entertaining. For certain, people putting themselves out there means singing their hearts out to the main tune. Music can be about socialization, self-acknowledgment, and helping oneself to remember having the option to have a good time in any event, when calm.

Onsite Instruments

During self-reflection or onsite free time, In which the individual can have fun with instruments.


We also know that music can help to give us the peace of mind, body, and soul. We use music for therapeutic and recovery.

Dance/Movement Therapy

Dance is also the way to express the design, struggle, showcase, and emancipate feelings. It is a type of healing that allows individuals, through movement, to service their emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.


Everyone shows emotions or feelings of anger. It doesn’t matter if anger’s been revealed to us for a long time or under any certain circumstances. In order to accomplish the objective of avoidance from substance misuse, and addiction habit-forming conduct, going up against our apprehensions about anger and outrage is significant.

Anger management tells human beings how to control their feelings, and how to use anger energy for useful purposes and also how not to hurt others feelings. At Addiction Peshawar Rehab Center, Anger Management is a central element of program treatment. We re-show people how to control outrage, pressure, and stress.

Anger Management at Peshawar Rehab Center

We have the following services for our prestigious patients to control anger. Anger management exercises, anger management class, and anger management therapy. Below are some details or examples for our weekly programming.

Week One-Two Programming

Whenever someone uses aggression in a circumstance, there are worries of acting and acting badly and inefficiently. Anger is followed with the aid of using physiological changes. It’s vital for people looking for Addiction Recovery and Anger Treatment, to discover how anger feels in the body. When a character can appropriately outline and pick out where anger begins to be expressed– then they could understand the symptoms that include anger and use appropriate skills to manage anger.

Week Three-four Programming

There are different types of anger for example Avoidance anger style is in which a person tries to hide or minimize the anger. In Sneaky anger, a person will use anger in a way that’s supposed to frustrate others. In addition, they will intentionally not try to do what’s requested of them, make sabotage plans, and emerge as we do anger management therapy, and try to understand which part of the brain is controlling emotions and make plans to utilize it in a good way.

Week five-six Programming

In this week we use some of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs as a theoretical framework and understand the brain structure located in the limbic system and then solve it out accordingly to control the anger.

Week seven- Twelve Programming

In this week we handle the factors of shame and guilt, we guide about the fair fighting rule and how to receive someone else’s anger and cycle of anger

At Peshawar Rehab Centers part of our weekly treatment programming – we offer Anger Management. It incorporates an evidence-based 12 anger management class modules with extra supplementary material.

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