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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has been counted as helpful for different disorders regarding addiction, binge eating, problem gambling, etc. The basis is that there are relationships between what we think, what we do, and how we feel. I need to get high to be ok”). Clients report that their distorted thoughts come about in a reflexive manner, without prior reflection or reasoning. The main focus of the  CBT is to change these short of bad thoughts to better thoughts, The aim behind this is to convert the client’s beliefs and feelings or habits to adaptive thinking.


Mindfulness means the power of acceptance moment-to-moment attention. Rather than intending to unfortunate contemplations or feelings, care preparing develops the act of effectively encountering mental, physiological, or emotional peculiarities, despite how troubling they may be, with quietness, acknowledgment, and mindfulness.

Components of the Cognitive Behavioral Model


A situation has a certain person, place, thing, or emotion that might be triggering for’s not in the control of the person.


The feelings about a situation are called Emotions. Recognizing feelings can be challenging for certain individuals, particularly when an individual has gone through years attempting to deny or smother their feelings. They are different types of emotions like happy, loving, Scared, Rejected, Relief, Guilt, Anticipation Pride, Longing, Anxious, Excited, Overwhelmed, Frustrated.

Thoughts & Beliefs:

The thinking or feelings of the person about the situation and how they interpret the event. Thoughts are not statements of fact. Epictetus says that  “Men are not disturbed by things, but by the view, they take of them”.

Particular types of thoughts lead to particular emotions (and subsequent behaviors).


A person’s reaction and behaviors in response to others.Behavior/Response can be positive or navigated like some of the positive Behavior/Response are a joke or happiness. Negative emotions such as guilt, shame, anger, and pain.

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